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Can Women Become Pregnant While Pregnant? Science Says Yes: 10 Cases Have Been Documented Across the World

At times it might be very difficult for us, women to even think about the idea of having a baby. How am I going to pay their expenses? Am I going to be a good mother? What if I don’t have time to get my own tasks done? It is a difficult decision.

Luckily, nowadays women do actually have a choice when it comes to having a child. Decades ago people didn’t even ask whether or not you wanted to have a baby. You just had to have them, and obviously, the more, the better. In the XXI century women can decide what they want and don’t want to do, and if making a family is not in their plans they are not going to be judged and are going to be respected by most people.

Some people struggle with the opposite problem: they want to have a baby but are not able to have one. They try for years and years and… nothing. That can be very frustrating, but science has shown that you shouldn’t worry about those kinds of problems as everything is possible, and even if you currently think that there is no possible way of you having a baby, that doesn’t have to be 100% true. If you keep on trying and you really want to have a baby, you will. There are dozens of options out there.

What if you’re already pregnant? Then it’s a wonderful time for you. Now you can enjoy yourself, your partner, feel free and happy because you are with your own self and your baby. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted. You enjoy intimate times with your partner and then…

There goes another baby, you got pregnant twice. Is that possible? Or is it just a myth?




Our entire world is unbelievable. There are so many things that we can’t explain, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. It just means that you have to keep your mind open and keep on looking forward because sooner or later you’re going to have to accept the truth.

A woman can actually become pregnant while she is pregnant. She can get pregnant twice during a pregnancy. This phenomenon is very rare. It is not likely at all that it’s going to happen to you or to someone you know.



This condition is called “superfetation”. It means that you can create a second fetus even though you’re already pregnant with another one. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to have twins, as the birth dates might be different. It just means that you’re going to have two babies practically at once.

Some people might confuse “superfetation” with “superfecundation”. The first case implies that a woman became pregnant when she was already pregnant, so their babies are going to have different gestational ages, different blood types and weights. The second case means that two eggs are going to release during one menstrual period, but they are going to be from individual intercourses, the eggs should be previously fertilized. The result is going to be that the woman is going to have bicyclic twins.

Why is this probably not going to happen to you?



Women tend to stop releasing eggs to the uterus when they become pregnant. This happens automatically, it’s just something that the body does naturally. The hormones send a signal to the body, they let the body know that they’re pregnant, that a baby is on the way and that they don’t need another one yet. When a woman has superfetation the hormones don’t send that signal, so ovaries are able to generate multiple eggs that can get fertilized.



There have only been found ten official and certified cases of this condition, so the probability of something like this happening to you is practically zero. The most recent case occurred in Australia. A woman became pregnant twice within ten days. She gave birth to two “twins” even though the time difference between their conception was ten days. Their weights and blood types were very different.

Superfetation is a condition that happens among animals all the time. Scientists don’t exactly know why animals have this condition much more frequently than humans, but it probably is because of their need of adaptability. If humans are destroying their natural habitats they need to have more and more babies so that their species won’t vanish.




The animals that most frequently have superfetation are mice, sheep, rabbits and cats. That’s why cats tend to have kittens that don’t look alike at all. Some have grey hair, others are white and there could also be some black kittens at the same time. That’s because cats can become pregnant two, and even three times at once. Some fish also have this ability.

The famous and remarkable philosopher and politician Aristotle was the one that discovered this amazing condition. He noted it in rabbits while he observed that the babies of the rabbits that had just been born were of different sizes. Some were younger and some others much older.



In conclusion, it is very unlikely that you’re going to become pregnant while already being pregnant. It’s almost impossible. Only ten cases have been proven to be real all around the world, but maybe some of them were just suppositions, maybe those women became pregnant twice not because of the superfetation, but due to another condition or even illness. You can be relaxed and still be certain about your body. You’re not going to get pregnant twice at a time, unless you have twins.

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